Clubby Social Media UI Kit

Social media websites are starting to feel a little stagnant, so why not reinvigorate the social media scene with your own social media website or app?  Well to get started you should really download this free Figma Social media UI kit.  Included is a huge selection of UI designs Chat to Stories, Notifications, Video, Events, Profiles, Friends lists and so much more.

This social media design uses bright poppy mandarin orange and an ultra dark navy blue color theme which accentuates the imagery and makes it stand out while also feeling fun and bright.

To download this free social media UI kit, simply click the link below, then enter ($0) in the minimum payment window and click 'Buy Now', enter your email and name, click continue and then download the Sketch file. Then simply drag the Sketch file into your Figma program and you're good to go.


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