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We had to triple check if this free Figma clothing fashion store mobile app design template was real as it's just so expansive and comprehensive. Listen to this, it contains 250 mobile app screen designs, literally hundreds of designs that you're free to use and adjust however you require. All of these mobile UI designs focus on Clothing and fashion, so there's product pages, flash sale designs, photo galleries, search, recently viewed, payment options, activity, shop history, customer support, settings, vouchers, rewards, it really is the whole package.

If you're looking to design and create your own clothing and fashion focused mobile app, then this free Figma template could potentially save your hundreds of hours of work, even if you're just using it for inspiration, or to check you haven't forgotten to design certain elements, it's still really helpful as a resource.

As for the positives and negatives, the big plus is that it's colorful and exciting, it's vibrant and welcoming, all of which you would want in a fashion app. Our only negatives are that the font might not be ideal, it feels a little clunky, despite being a very popular font right now (Raleway), also the use of dropshadows always looks great in concept designs but tends to feel quite dirty and messy in an actual real-world app, so you may want to remove those.

All up this a really amazing template, get it now before it disappears!

To access this free Figma real estate website design template: click the 'Get Figma File' button below and then click the 'Open in Figma' button on the subsequent page.

Author: Joy Patel

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