Character Creator Pack

Probably the easiest character creator you'll ever come across. This free Figma template pack is one large scene containing over a 100 body parts that you can drag together to create hundreds of different character poses. You can also multiply the number of looks by simply changing the color of the clothing or skin, creating a huge variety.

2D illustrations have become the de rigueur of late due to their universal appeal, ease of use and simplicity. So you should definitely have some illustration assets in your image arsenal in case you may need it, especially if the client demands it.

To access the free Figma character creator pack simply click the link below, type in how much you want to spend ($0 is fine) and select 'I Want This', then add your email (any is fine) and download the zip.  Extract the .fig file and drag into your Figma application and you're good to go.

Author: Khushmeen Sidhu

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