Cafit A Free Figma Workout App UI Kit

I wouldn't call the Cafit - fitness UI app kit outstanding, but I would say it does it's job very well.  It's has a huge variety of concept screens all which coherently mash together to create a well thought out userflow.  Also the color scheme really catches the eye with a muted orange and soft shades of grey.

If you're looking to build your own workout app or fitness app, this free Figma design template is a great starting point.

To download the Capi fitness app, click the link below, then type in how much you're willing to pay ($0 is fine), then click 'I want this', then enter in an email address (any is fine), click 'View Content', the click the 'Download' button to download the zip file. Open the zip, then drag the .sketch file into your Figma program and you're good to go.

Author: Capi Design

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