Big Sur Icon Maker

Big Sur is the new Apple operating system and with it's introduction a refreshed style has been applied to all icons. This new style is a more rounded, shadowed and saturated look and by using this Icon maker for Figma you too can create the 'Big Sur' look, quickly and easily.

Included in this icon maker is a set of social media icons and examples of how the shading and shadowing has been applied to them. To create your own icon first make your icon shape as a vector and them copy the effects and color fill of one of the provided circles (by clicking the Create Style '+' icon), and then apply these effects to your icon shape.

Big Sur icons look really fun and impactful and by applying this effect to your own logos and icons, you can create some truly eye-popping imagery.

To access the free Figma Big Sur icon maker, simply click the link below then copy all the elements, open a new Figma template and paste the elements in.

Author: Tony Harkusha

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