Amazing 3D Cursors

Is it weird that I find myself drooling over these 3D cursor illustrations?  They're of the highest quality and just look fabulous! Also you may easily customize the colors of these mouse cursors with only 2 button presses, just amazing.

If you're wondering if you need these 3D cursors, just think of all the times you've wanted to indicate a hover state, or wanted to show a component may be clicked on. These 3D cursors are perfect for exactly these kinds of use cases.

To access the free Figma file, click the link below then enter in your email address. Then type in your postcode and click 'Checkout'. Then check your email inbox and click the download button.  Then you should receive a 165Mb zip file containing the Figma files and other working assets. Extract the .fig file and drag into your Figma program and you're good to go.  The whole process should take less than 20secs.

Author: Huseyin Gayira

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