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There's very few UI designs that humble us and make us feel inferior... actually I would say it's a number close to zero, but this AI creator app template, free in Figma does just that. Every image is perfectly chosen, every color and every hue fit exactly as they should, this is one of those Figma templates that is almost impossible to improve. Yes we love it that much!

This is a dark themed application that is basically a MidJourney (a well known AI art generator program) themed UI template, a loving recreation of that AI art generator program but with it's own style. The off-neon green color scheme really adds a level of cyberpunk to this design, plus the subtle use of hues and shades adds visual interest and complexity to an otherwise straightforward dashboard design.

Included in this UI template is a really well constructed design system that pushes what's possible with components to the limit. Also included are 22 different user interface screens covering login, registration, sharing, chat and AI creation. Be sure to go to presentation mode to see how each screen flows from one to the next.

To access this free Figma AI Creator App template: click the 'Get Figma File' button below and then click the 'Open in Figma' button on the next page.

Author: Mikołaj Niżnik

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