404 Page Illustrations

Here we feature 30 different, fun, bright and beautiful illustrations. The idea behind them is that they can be used for your 404 page (the page that appears when your website has an error or can't find a page).

Though to be honest you could probably use these illustrations for anything, as they're all quite endearing and sweet. Good use case examples would be websites about mental health or websites or apps focused on fixing a problem or discovering new solutions such as a PC issues website.

Illustrations include; lots of broken or sad animals and people, plus a very cute cow getting abducted by a UFO. Check out the link below and browse through them all to see how you could use them on your own website or just drop a card (or display them randomly) on your 404 page to make it a little more fun.

To download the free 404 page illustrations pack; click the download button below, then click the 'Open in Figma' button in the top right corner and you will have an editable version of the icon pack in your design file list.

Author: Abell Vo

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