Neumorphic & Skeuomorphic UI App Kit

Selection of mobile app screens containing Neumorphic designs.Mobile app screen containing Neumorphic design user interface.Selection of mobile app screens containing Neumorphic designs.

Some designs just make you drool with their beauty and simplicity and this design by Andrew Mamontov does just that. If you're wondering what Neumorphic and Skeumorphic actually are well Skeumorphic emulates real world interfaces (such as buttons, dials and switches) in the digital world and Neumorphic builds on this with flat elements and soft gradients to create a beautifully subtle embossed look.

To access this beautiful Neumorphic Figma UI app kit just click the link below and download the Figma file at the bottom of the page, then drag the file into Figma.

Author: Andrew Mamontov

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