Marvie - Figma Dark Theme iOS Kit

Sample selection of Figma dark theme UI elements.Large selection of Figma dark theme UI components.Sample selection of Figma dark theme UI elements at an angle.

It's so great to see a Figma dark theme UI kit that's so colorful. Most Figma themes nowadays use 1 main colour and a collection of greys, or if you're lucky they include a main color and a secondary color, but this Figma dark theme iOS UI kit named Marvie takes it to the next level using 6 eye popping satured colors while still managing to keep the design constrained and legibile.

You can grab this Figma dark theme kit by simply clicking the link below then selecting the 'Duplicate' button in the top right corner. Once opened click 'Áll Pages' in the pages menu to access the huge selection of colorful Figma elements and screens.

Also if you wish to have access to the light theme Marvie UI kit you'll need to purchase from the UI8 website.

Author: Toma Li

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