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Text saying a selection of google fonts, with example fonts on black background.Cormorant font used in various situations.A selection of google fonts in various sizes on black background.

An impressive selection of free Figma fonts is included in this font pack.  It's a selection of the best Google fonts available, carefully curated.  If you're ever stuck for which fonts to use on you website, just open up this free Figma font pack, have a browse and then select the fonts you think best align with your brand.

For the record my favorites right now are:
Montserrat: which everyone uses as it's so similar to Gotham.
Poppins: As it's a slightly more modern and fun font than Montserrat.
Open Sans: Which is best suited to mobile app design and has an Apple font feel.

To access these fonts just click the link below, then click the 'Duplicate' button in the top right corner of the website and it should open the file in Figma. You can then simply copy and paste the fonts onto your Figma template and edit or click Ctrl+Alt+C or Option+Shift+C (for Mac) to copy a font style and then click Ctrl+Alt+V or Option+Shift+V  (for Mac) to apply the font style to any font within your Figma template.

Author: Maxime Rabot

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