Free Figma Character Illustration Pack

Humaaan 2D character illustrations.2D scene of 2 characters surrounded by screens.2 2D character illustrations.

This delightful stylized character illustration pack is free for you to copy and paste into your own designs. Included in this pack is a selection of scenes, objects and 2D illustrated character body parts that you can mix and match as needed. You basically get to become a 2D illustrator without requiring talent or effort... so pretty great then!

You could also mix and match these Figma figures with backgrounds from the Hitu Illustration pack to mix things up. Just look for the 'Page Composition Page' under the page list.

To access these Figma figures, simple click the link below then click the 'Get the library' button, then type in a price you want to pay (you can put in $0) , the click the 'Checkout' button, then add your email, click 'Get', then 'View Content' and finally click the download button next to the FIG resource.

Author: Pablo Stanley

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