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2D illustration of a woman waving.Modern 2D illustration of four people having a meeting.Modern 2D illustration of a man sipping coffee while working looking at his laptop.

If I was going to guess the biggest design trend of 2020, I would say it was the year of the illustration, but not just any illustration but 2D drawings of figures engaging with technology and this free Figma illustration pack typifies this design trend exactly.

The Figma illustration pack contains 20 editable illlustrations but also links to the premium pack containing 150 editable Figma illustrations but even with the 20 available here you can mix and match to create a huge variety of different illustrations even just changing the colors can create some real variety.

To access this file you need to click the link below, then type in how much you want to pay in the right hand side, you can set it to $0, if you don't wish to pay anything. Then click the big 'I Want This' button, type in your email, click 'view content' and finally click the download button. Then you'll find the file in the Source/Figma folder. It sounds complicated but takes less than 10 seconds.

Author: Greg Dlubacz

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