Material UI Kit 2

With over 70 UI components included in this free Figma template, you basically have everything you need to create a full featured website design from scratch. You just drag and drop the componets together to create each page, it's so simple! Plus all these website components work perfectly together, so you don't need to restyle them to make them look consistent.

Included in this design template named: Materical UI Kit 2 are 10 hero components plus a huge variety of feature components and nav bars, tabs, pagination elements, inputs, alerts, modals, tooltips, avatars, badges and buttons, dropdowns, progress bars, social buttons, breadcrumbs, toggles, the list goes on and on. Everything you need to create a great looking website design.

Some of the things of note that make this UI kit interesting are the use of a hot pink color for CTAs and buttons, a very compact visual look (so you can fit a large amount of information in a small area), and also a very simple and clean overall look which means it works great for serious businesses and organisations.  It's bright but not playful which is important when conveying security and trust.

Get the Material UI Kit 2 below and start building your own great looking website today!

To access these free Figma templates called Material UI aKit 2; just click the 'Get Figma File' button below and then click the 'Get a copy' button on the Figma community page and just like that the template will appear in your templates section of Figma.

Author: Creative Tim

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