Lo-Fi Wireframe kit

Here we have one truly large and comprehensive lo-fi wireframe kit. All of the elements and components in this massive wireframe pack are filled with character and look quite unique and interesting.

You really have to wonder how someone has the time to make something so epic in scale. For example just the landing pages section alone has over 100 different auto-layout enabled elements (with variants) and also included in this free Figma lo-fi wireframe kit are wireframe components for web, iOS, Android, userflows and icons.

What is also interesting is the inclusion of a very clear and understandable user guide that takes you through everything you need to use this kit.  Amazing!

Click the 'Get Figma File' button below and then click the 'Duplicate' button on the subsequent page, to get your free lo-fi wirefram kit.

Author: Pruthvi

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