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Now before we begin it should be noted this is just 1 (fully editable) single landing page design in light and dark mode. Generally we prefer to only feature full UI kits (so kits with multiple UI designs, not just 1 page) but because this landing page design is so beautiful and so packed with useful design components we just can't ignore it.

Also included is a 'works' page, an 'about' page and finally a 'contact' page in desktop, tablet and mobile formats, plus also they are shown in light and dark mode, though these are all flattened image files, so you can use these as reference points to create your own design components, but they can't be edited unfortunately.

OK with all the negatives put aside, here's the positives: here we have a fun, bright and colorful landing page design that feels very modern with it's subtle drop shadows and lightly curved edges. Every element is nicely laid out and really pops out of the screen with the bold use of color. For example the 'Start a new project' component is so simple and yet you just really want to click on it, it's all very enticing and happy.

If you're looking to create a positive, fun website that makes people smile; then this free Figma creative agency UI kit is a great place to start. Just download it, grab the elements you need, style them with your own colors and images and within minutes you have a unique website that's good to go. Also if you're wondering how your design can be responsively scaled you can just use the reference tablet and mobile UI screens included.

Let's make the world a little more vibrant shall we? Use this UI kit today!

To access this free Figma creative agency UI kit click the 'Get Figma File' button below, then click the 'Get a copy' button and you will now have an editable version of the UI kit in your Figma working files library.

Author: Sobakhul Munir Siroj

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