3 Hot Landing Pages

Instead of showcasing a single landing page or UI kit, let's today show 3.  All of which make similar use of bold simple colors and subtle but beautiful shadowing to add depth to the designs.

First we have a website design company landing page, secondly a real estate focused design and finally for third we have a web services landing page UI. Try them out below:

Landing Page 1 | Landing Page 2 | Landing Page 3

The reason these are great assets for you to use is that they are so clean that they could be used for any kind of website design, plus all the elements are quite generic so you could copy and paste any sections you like and combine them to make a new and unique site. The quotes sections are also extremely clean so can be added to any website for quick and easy content addition.

To access the 3 hot landing pages just click the 3 links above and then select 'Get a copy' and you'll have your own editable version of the landing page in your Figma program.

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